One of our biggest loves at Norfolk Geeks is tech but more specifically iOS (iPhone and iPad). We love the devices and the OS, its both easy to use while still being a very powerful tool. That was one of the main reasons Adam learnt iOS development it wasn’t so he could call himself an iOS developer or to make loads of money (he wouldn’t say no thou) it was to make apps that people needed and wanted. His aim has alwyas been to bring the future to Norfolk but at a reasonable price.

The App Store is constantly growing with new and clever apps to solve simple problems, people say we are using our phones more and more but thats because you can do so much with them. Online retailers are quickly learning the importance of at the very least having a mobile site but most are moving towards apps to make shopping easier. Museums and tourist attractions are using them to improve he visitors experince or to allow them to access additional information or activities. Mobile applications are the future, as phones get more powerful then people will want to do more on them. 

People beleive that mobile apps are expensive and won’t add any value to there business. If you have a smartphone have a look at the apps you have and see which are from a known business. If you looking for a business or service most of us will look on our smartphone. An app can be a great way to promote your business above a competitor, we believe that apps don’t have to cost a fortune. 

If your interested in an app or want more information on mobile applications drop us a line, we are happy to chat.