With the introduction of iOS 6 for the iPhone brought with it some clever new features including location based reminders here is how to use them.

Photo 08-04-2013 09 23 47


1. Open the reminders app and add the reminder you want, then click the dark circle with an arrow in it.

Photo 08-04-2013 09 23 55


2. In the next screen select remind me at a location. You can then choose when you leave or when you arrive.

Photo 08-04-2013 09 26 29


3. Put in a new address or location, I’ve used our local Tesco’s and put when I arrive.

Photo 08-04-2013 09 26 32

4. You can click show on map to check the location is correct.

Photo 08-04-2013 09 26 43


5. Once your happy with the location you can go back to main reminders screen. In my case, what will happen now is when I arrive at Tesco’s my phone will remind me to pick up milk and only then. So if i set it at 6 in the morning but don’t go to Tesco’s until 9 at night it will still remind me. You can reverse it to show when you leave a location the common one is to set it while at work so as soon as you leave the reminder goes off.