When building a website there are lots of different step to take from the first design to going live, below is the process we follow from when you call us to putting your site live on the internet.


We will visit you to discuss your requirements, what designs you like and don’t like and get an understanding of your business.


We will create a mockup of the site, which will form the starting point of the site. The mockup is not set in stone and it will evolve through the build.

browserSandbox Site

A sandbox site will be setup and you will be provided with access details. From here you will be able to watch the site grow, provide feedback and make changes to the design.


This is where your idea becomes reality. The original design will form the basis and the site will grow around it adding the functionality and interactivity.


Once the site is built it will be tested to ensure it works on the majority of web browsers. We test IE8*, IE9, IE10, IE11, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Its also tested on the majority of mobile browsers at multiple different resolutions.


Once the site is completed and fully tested it will be loaded to your domain name and put live. The details of the site will be sent to the main search providers and Google analytics will be setup so you can monitor who’s visiting your site.

What do I get

  • Surfing the net on mobile devices and tablets has exploded over the last couple of years and people expect your website to work. All our websites are built to be responsive which means they will work with multiple devices at multiple screen resolution from iPad to iPhone and Android phone to Windows PC.


  • Your site will be built on the WordPress CMS (content management system) this gives you full control over your site without having to learn web developing. WordPress is designed to work similar to a word processor so you can easily change your content or add new content. WordPress is used throughout the world to create amazing websites.


  • The site will be styled to fit with your current brand and to act as an extension of your business. All our sites are unique and designed to fit the clients needs and styling.


  • We optimise your site to make sure your appearing on the correct Google Searches and suggest ways to improve your ranking and generate more traffic.


  • Integrate your social media with the site, allowing people to follow you or like your page. We you post a new blog it can be set to automatically update your social media.


  • Google analytics so you can monitor how your site is performing and where your visitors are coming from. This can be very useful for monitoring how a particular marketing campaign is going or how many people have visited because of your newsletter.


  • For us when a site launches thats not the end we provide training to show you how to use your new site, how to edit the content and how to create a regular blog. We also give free support for 2 months after the launch.


  • 1 years free domain hosting is included with all new websites and a domain name if required.
* due to IE8’s age it cannot handle some of the modern web design styles, so we ensure the site is still fully usable but it will not be graphically perfect.


What is a responsive website?
Simply put it means the site changes shape to fit the screen its on. I wrote a more detailed explanation on responsive web design here.

What is a content management system?
A content management system or CMS for short allows the pages of your site to be created as needed. In the old days each page was coded and difficult to change. CMS’s separate the coding and the content, so you can update content without ever touching the coding. More info on Content management systems

Is search engine optimisation important (SEO)?
In a word yes. The internet has become very large and there are millions if not billions of websites. When people are looking for something they will Google it and find what they want. The search engines read your site using bots which are computer programs, these bots then decide what your site is about and where it should appear on Google. SEO is about making sure your site is interpreted correctly by the bots and gets the highest position possible in the rankings. This is a simplistic view as SEO is far more complicated, if you want to read more you can Google it there are thousand of articles about SEO.

Do I have to have social media?
Social media can be a good marketing tool but it takes time and patience to get the best from it. To succeed with social media you need to get involved with it, if you try to sell, sell , sell, your not going to get anything from it. Don’t do it because you have to only do it if you want to.