About Norfolk Geeks

Norfolk Geeks design and build websites and mobile applications and are based in Aylsham, Norfolk, UK. It was setup by Adam Payne with the aim to bringing modern technology to Norfolk, but at an affordable price. Norfolk Geeks prides itself in offer quality and affordable websites and apps to small and medium size businesses across Norfolk.

When Adam was young he would spend hours programming code into an old BBC Micro and Atari 65XE. Each month when the new magazine came out he would type in the 10 pages of numbers and letters to see a small game appear or a picture be drawn. The truth was after typing all those pages of code he would spend hours search for the 1 typo that stopped it working. He still loved doing it and the feeling of doing something to be proud of. As the years passed he did the usual changes of career until about 10 years ago when he returned to programming and taught himself HTML, CSS and javascript the basis of nearly all sites. Since then he has learnt Visual Basic, VBA, Access, SQL, PHP, Objective-C, Java and even a bit of C#. This is what he loves doing, taking an idea and turning into reality and this is where Norfolk Geeks comes in.

“When I was first trying to decide on a name my wife straight off the top of her head said Norfolk Geeks. It works because I’m from Norfolk and proud of it and as detailed above, I’m a geek. My goal with Norfolk Geeks is to offer a top quality service whatever your budget. I also wanted to be a one stop shop for web and mobile technology.”

Adam Payne