Favourite 10 WordPress plugins

I use WordPress for the majority of the sites I build as I find it very versatile and easy to customise how I want it. The other reason is the good quality plugins that are available to add new functionality or automate simple processes.

Here is a list of my favourite plugins.

All in one SEO

This plugin is great for doing your websites SEO giving you helpful hints to guide you through the process.

Bulletproof Security

Great for securing your website or blog.

CMS Tree Page View

This little plugin gives you a good way to view your websites hierarchy

Google Analytics

So easy to add analytics to your site and where would we be without analytics.

Google XML Sitemaps

Easy and quick way to update your site on webmaster tools

Automatic Updater

No longer do you need to update all your plugins and themes manually.

Easy Contact Forms

Quick and easily create contact forms, but the best bit is analytics on the forms as well.

Meteor Slides

Very easy to create slideshows on any page.

Updraft plus

Keep your WordPress backed up in case of issues, what makes this even better is the large selection of online storage options.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Easy to create coming soon pages while you’re still able to work on the site, plus mailing list option

These are the plugins I use most, but there are thousands of other great plugins to solve pretty much any problem  you have.